was founded on the premise that fashion and beauty brands operate differently in the online market and should be treated as such. At GRAY MATTER, we understand that in this ever-changing industry, we must focus on building strong brand awareness while simultaneously driving  online consumer sales.

Social Media Services

Facebook / Instagram Advertising

  • Web Traffic

  • Conversions

  • Follower Acquisition

  • Brand Awareness + Engagement

  • Lead Generation

  • Local Awareness (Retail Foot Traffic)

  • Event Awareness

  • Mobile App Promotions

Pinterest Advertising

  • Conversions

  • Brand Awareness + Engagement

Twitter Advertising

  • Follower Acquisition

  • Brand Awareness + Engagement

Digital Media Services

Search (Google + Bing Advertising)

  • Search

  • Shopping

  • Display

Remarketing (Criteo + AdRoll)

  • Dynamic Banner Ads

  • Static Banner Ads

  • Email Remarketing